Sunday, January 20, 2013

My Personal Journey

My name is Denise Stamm, whether you or others are looking to improve overall health, my passion is to help people from all walks of life to heal themselves with Diet, Exercise and Emotional wellbeing with an individual customized plan with what is most appropriate for them.
Let me tell you about my journey and how I transformed my life of feeling trapped in the pharmaceutical merry go round, to one of using nutrition to resolve many of my long standing issues. It all seemed to start when I was thirty five, with my second pregnancy in the 5th month. That’s was when I developed the first symptoms or Restless Legs Syndrome and it has never gone completely away. Some women experience this, but it will go away after the pregnancy is over, unfortunately for me that never happened.
For the past seventeen years I have struggled with Restless Legs Syndrome, and to compound that for the last five years add in burning feet. After going to doctor after doctor I knew that I was not seeing any improvement, and my issues just seemed to be getting worse. After years and years of lab work, drug therapy, and countless specialist visits I knew I had to do something different.
I decided enough was enough and had a paradigm shift toward a holistic approach. I changed my diet and stopped putting chemicals into and on my body and surrounded myself with a supportive network of holistic support people, changed my nutritional behaviors, eliminated gluten from my diet.
Since starting my new holistic nutritional approach, I noticed that many of my health issue, chronic fatigue, digestive reflux, constipation, and TMJ began to disappear and some were totally eliminated. I found comfort that such simple and structured changes improved or eliminated some of the issues I had dealt with since I was a child.
I’ve become a true believer in the power of the holistic nutritional approach for health. By changing my diet and working on my emotional wellbeing has made a big difference in my life, and put me on my journey to becoming a health coach. My goal in life is to become a health coach and provide people the tools to use nutrition and the holistic approach to improve their quality of life.

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